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A Quick Guide to Texas DWI Laws and Penalties

DWI law acro the United State are getting more complex and detailed every year, e pecially when it come to dealing with fir t time offen e – and Texa i no exceptionWhile the nuance of Texa DWI law are complex, we wanted to offer a general overview of the main law and the major categorie of DWI offen e and penaltie you are likely to encounter in 2017 “Intoxicated” a Defined by Texa...Read More

Charged with a First Offense DWI in Texas? What You Need to Know

The tate of Texa take DWI offen e extremely eriou ly, and the financial penaltie are evere, even for fir t time offender DWI are the mo t commonly committed crime in the United State , but mo t of the time they are committed by average ‘non-criminal’ citizen But make no mi take, if you are charged with a DWI, even if it i your fir t offen e, you will be treated and pro ecuted like a...Read More

How to Choose a DWI Attorney in Houston, Texas: 3 Steps to Getting the Defense You Deserve

Being charged with a DWI offen e in Texa can be a everely traumatic experience The financial penaltie are har h, the pro pect of jail time i very real, and your reputation can be compromi ed with potential employer , in urance companie , and within the wider communityChoo ing the right attorney to repre ent you i a critical deci ion, and one which could affect you for the re t of your life To help you...Read More

The Sandra Bland Traffic Stop and What You Should Know About Your Rights During A Traffic Stop

In Texa Public Radio' tory, "10 Thing About The Sandra Bland Traffic Stop that Every Texan Should Know," Rhonda Fanning provide ome u eful information for Texa motori t But ome of the tatement in the article are inaccurate and ome are ju t plain confu ing For example, it i inaccurate to ay that an officer ha "no right" to in truct omeone to get out of hi /her car during a traffic top, or that...Read More

Guide to Contesting a DWI Charge

A DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) charge i typically con idered a mi demeanor on the fir t offen e in Texa ; however, the con equence of a conviction can be far more eriou than other mi demeanor charge A DWI conviction could mean jail time, fine , admini trative fee , and a po ible u pended licen eTo help you avoid the e har h penaltie , thi guide to conte ting a DWI charge aim to help you prepare...Read More

How to Get a Provisional License after a DWI Conviction

Receiving a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) conviction can make your life very difficult for a variety of rea on Beyond the potential fine and po ible jail time depending on your ca e, the lo of your licen e can al o everely impact you daily life, e pecially if you rely upon your car to get to work Fortunately you may not be at a total lo if you act quickly and wi ely In thi article we’ll explain how...Read More

Why Trial By Jury May Be a Better Choice Than a Judge

When involved in a legal ca e, many people wonder if they’re better off trying their ca e before a jury or a judge And while there are alway exception for particular ca e , generally peaking a a defendant a trial by jury i u ually a better choice than a judge (al o known a a bench trial), one that i particularly preferred in Texa de pite ome declining number The deci ion can be a complicated one, and...Read More

Immediate Actions to Take After a DWI Charge

The moment after receiving a DWI charge can be confu ing, up etting and tre ful, e pecially if it’ your fir t experience But de pite thi difficult moment, there are immediate action to take after a DWI charge than can dra tically improve the outcome of the incidentWhile many people re ign them elve to believing that there i nothing they can do to fight the charge, but now i not the time to de pair...Read More

Why You Will Need a Lawyer for Your DWI Case in Houston

The tate of Texa ha very trict law regarding driving while intoxicated, and if you’re convicted of a DWI you can face eriou and far-reaching con equence , including fine , a u pended licen e and even jail time What’ more, a DWI conviction in Hou ton, Texa will be on your record for life Sometime people who are charged with a DWI believe they will be able to repre ent them elve in court or imply...Read More