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Grant M. Scheiner - Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal Judge Sentenced to Prison

In Hou ton, a Federal Judge wa entenced to 33 month in pri on, followed by 3 year of upervi ed relea e  The Hou ton Chronicle report that former Judge Samuel Kent will report to the Federal Bureau of Pri on next month  Kent lied to a judicial committee who wa inve tigating an alleged exual mi conduct allegation again t KentJudge Kent' reputation wa well known in the Hou ton criminal defen e...Read More

Petitions for Non-Disclosure and Expunctions

You or omeone you know may be in thi ituation: You have had a ca e in the Harri County Criminal Courthou e, or any other Texa court for that matter; The judge ha granted deferred adjudication; and You have ucce fully completed deferred adjudicationWhat now  Many a ume that once deferred adjudication i completed,  the exi tence of that charge i automatically era ed  They a ume that...Read More

Houston Police Getting Massages Instead of Responding to Burglary Calls

ABC 13 new  report  that a 70 year old woman waited 7 hour for police to re pond to her 911 call when her hou e wa burglarized  Mayor White tate   that "we ought to be vigilant in trying to do better"  The problem i not effort  The problem i the mi guided effort  We all know that if you have a car accident it will be a good hour before anyone officer how up  If only, the police were a fa t a...Read More

Bellaire Police Officer Jeffrey Cotton Charged

The New York Time report that local police officer Jeffrey Cotton ha been charged in the hooting of Robert Tolan  Thi tory ha made nationwide new and ha even been the ubject of an epi ode of Real Sport by Bryant GumbelJeffrey Cotton ha an arraignment etting in the 232nd Di trict Court of Harri County, Texa   Cotton wa indicted on April 6, 2008 for Aggravated A ault by a Public Servant  ...Read More

Harris County Criminal Justice System

Anyone charged with a criminal offen e in Harri County, Texa i likely to be overwhelmed with the number of court in the Harri County Criminal Ju tice CenterThe Harri County Criminal Ju tice Center i located at 1201 Franklin Street in downtown Hou tonThere are fifteen county criminal court at law The court are found on floor 8, 9, 10, and 11 The county criminal court hear all cla B...Read More

NFL Star Charged With Intoxication Manslaughter

The Lo Angele Time report that NFL Star, Dante Stallworth, ha been charged with a Man laughter charge temming from a March 14th accident that killed 59 year old Mario Reye    Thi i the prototypical ca e that ha formed organization uch a MADD and cau ed anti-drunk driving bill board to be put along ide our roadway   Thi incident occurred in Florida, and if Stallworth i convicted he face up...Read More

The Science Behind Shaken Baby Syndrome

The Hou ton Chronicle reported that a Harri County man wa arre ted and charged with capital murder in the death of hi on From what I gathered from the article, the autop y revealed no external injurie and the cau e of death wa evere trauma to the brain which the Detective believe i con i tent with Shaken Baby SyndromeA a Harri County criminal defen e lawyer, I do not feel it i appropriate to...Read More

Should I take a Breath Test?

A a Hou ton criminal defen e lawyer, I frequently get the que tion, "If I am topped for DUI, hould I take a breath te t" Nobody ha ever been urpri ed by my an wer Yet, the rea on , and there are many, not to take a breath te t are far more complex than imply not incriminating one elf People a k, "what if I only had one drink, then hould I take the breath te t" I am not in the bu ine of telling people...Read More

Harris County Judicial Elections

November 4, 2008 wa not only a big night for the national tage, but locally a wellNine felony di trict court were up for election Democratic challenger won 8 out of the 9 criminal judicial raceThe re ult are a follow :174th Di trict Court wa vacant becau e Judge George Godwin i et to retire The Judge-Elect i Ruben Guerrero176th Di trict Court- Judge Elect Shawna L Reagin177th Di trict...Read More