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What Getting an Underage DUI in Houston Means

What Define Underage DUI in Texa If you are driving in the tate of Texa and are under the age of 21, an officer who pull you over and even o much a mell alcohol on your breath can charge you with underage DUI Becau e it i again t the law to drink under the age of 21, the tate of Texa ha zero tolerance for underage drinking and driving Texa law tate that any minor who ha "any detectable amount...Read More

How to Deal with an Out of State DWI in Houston

Have You Been Charged with a DWI While Traveling in another State Taking a vacation and traveling out of tate can be a wonderful adventure But if omething unexpected and difficult happen , like being arre ted and charged with a DWI, you need all the help you can get from experienced DWI lawyer in your home tate of Texa Here at Scheiner Law Group, we can u ually find you a lawyer out ide of Texa to a i t...Read More

Texas DWI Cheat Sheet

Hou ton i the fourth-large t city in the United State There’ a near-limitle li t of thing to do in the metro area – and that include bar , club and other drinking e tabli hment If you’re enjoying a night out on the town, it’ helpful to know the an wer to the que tion: “How much i too much”Of cour e, it’ alway a good idea to have a de ignated driver on hand But ometime you’re the...Read More

Can you film the police? Know your rights!

Let' ay you and your friend are out one night and thing take a turn for the bad A police officer tart ha ling you or omeone in your group Or maybe you ju t ee an angry cop about to get violent with a per on in the treet Are you allowed to ju t pull out your phone and tart video recording Can the officer force you to top recording a happened la t week in Harri CountyIn mo t ca e you do have a...Read More

How to Avoid Getting a DWI During the Holidays in Houston

The holiday are a wonderful time to celebrate with our family and friend , but all of the fe tivitie can come to a creeching halt when it come to drinking and driving With o many people travelling on the road to and from holiday partie , the ri k of drunk driving accident dramatically increa e More than 17,000 people die and roughly a half million are injured every year a a re ult of...Read More

New Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Case Upholds Cell Phone Tracking

It' often aid that we live in an era of unprecedented technological advance In no area i thi more apparent than in the field of telecommunication What a per on can now do with ay, an iPhone wa imply unimaginable even ju t a few year agoThe late t buzz i that Apple may oon introduce a feature in it iPhone that will allow u er to unlock their phone and conduct tran action with ju t a fingerprint...Read More

Supreme Court Rules Police Can Take Arrested Person’s DNA Without Warrant

Alert: Supreme Court Ruling May Affect Your Privacy Right &nb p;The United State Supreme Court ruled thi week that police can take DNA from any per on arre ted for a " eriou " crime -- and they don't need a warrant to do it! In a controver ial 5-4 deci ion, the Supreme Court ruled in Maryland v King that taking an arre tee' DNA wa akin to taking fingerprint or booking photo Con ervative Ju tice...Read More

Is there a biological basis to crime?

Recent advance in cience may change the way we look at criminal and the underlying rea on for their behavior Specifically, advance in neurology and brain canning have revealed that becau e of brain function and chemi try, ome people are far more likely to engage in criminal behavior While re earcher agree that there i till a trong ocial and environmental cau e for criminal behavior, they argue that...Read More

Mandatory Blood Draws Limited in Texas Due to New Supreme Court of the United States Case

A new United State Supreme Court ruling ha probably rendered ome Texa DWI law uncon titutional and will have a big impact on the way DWI inve tigation are conducted in many ca e That ca e, Mi ouri v McNeely, involved a DWI u pect who refu ed to provide a blood te t Blood wa obtained anyway, and the police did not obtain a warrant prior to doing o, relying on the "exigent circum tance " exception to...Read More

Miranda Warnings for Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect (And All of Us)

Not long after Bo ton Marathon bombing u pect Dzhokhar T arnaev wa taken into cu tody, the federal government announced it would not give the u pect "Miranda Warning " before interrogating him Withholding Miranda Warning from a criminal u pect i a clear mi take The o-called "public afety exception" to Miranda i rare, and it doe n't apply to the ca e of the u pected Bo ton Marathon bomberFir t a...Read More