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Grant M. Scheiner - Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

DPS Fourth of July DWI “Crackdown” Nets Over 1400 Arrests

According to the Department of Public Safety, over the Fourth of July Weekend, 1,406 people were arrested for DWI (read the Houston press article on the story here). This number – large enough on its own – does not include DWI arrests made by local law enforcement agencies across the state.

There are several problems with designated DWI-crackdown weekends, but the one most relevant here is that their stated purpose is to make as many DWI arrests as possible. In other words, the more arrests, the more successful the weekend in the eyes of law enforcement and organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The problem, of course, is that when the goal is quantity over quality, many innocent people end up being arrested for DWI. This is simply unacceptable.