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Intent to Sell or Distribute Drug Charges in Houston, TX

Grant M. Scheiner - Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

Intent to Sell or Distribute Drug Charges in Houston, TX

Have you been detained on “intent to sell charges?” You may be wondering how you can be arrested for what you are thinking. Are the penalties for intent to sell charges greater than the penalties for simple possession? These are questions that a criminal defense lawyer in Houston can answer for you.

In an intent to distribute case, prosecutors may try to establish their claim based on an accumulation of circumstantial evidence. For example, if you are caught with drugs that are packaged in plastic baggies, this serves as evidence for intent to sell charges. Having or being in charge of a large quantity of drugs, more than you can possibly consume yourself, is further evidence in favor of intent to sell charges.

Messages from customers in the form of post-it notes, text messages, voice mails, etc., can be construed as evidence of drug-dealing. So can customer lists, money lying around, drug paraphernalia and scales may, taken together, provide evidence in support of intent to sell charges.

intent to sell drugs in houston

So you can see, prosecutors can be resourceful. But so are the best Houston criminal lawyers. Among other things, top attorneys can challenge the way the police collected the evidence. A criminal defense lawyer in Houston might be able to convince a jury that you were never in possession. Good Houston criminal lawyers might truthfully establish reasonable doubt that you were even aware of the presence of the drugs.

Another reasonable defensive strategy that a defense attorney in Houston TX might employ is to suppress the physical evidence. In other words, he will carefully examine the circumstances under which the police obtained the evidence. He will look into whether the search was legal. If it was not, then the evidence obtained in the search may not be admissible in court.

Not even the best criminal defense lawyer Houston has to offer will be able to help you if you are not honest, if you do not cooperate with his strategy, or if you fail to contact him at all. If you are busted for drugs, you need a good criminal lawyer. Make that a great criminal lawyer!