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Another Good Result for Our Clients – Criminal Trespass Dismissed!

This morning, we were pleased at the dismissal of another one of our cases. Our client – I’ll call him John – was charged with criminal trespass after being involved in an altercation with bouncers at a night club. From the start, the case had its problems: John was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, and was tackled and Tased by security guards before being forcefully escorted from the property. It was unlikely that any jury would convict him of trespass under the facts of the case.

However, what may have made the difference in this case was our criminal defense attorneys’ investigation of the case. Soon after being hired, the criminal defense lawyers started their own investigation, which included going to the nightclub and speaking with the owner. The owner agreed that the case wasn’t a case at all, and allowed us to take a videotaped statement where he said that he did not want to press charges and that he did not feel that John had any intent to break the law. This video was shown to prosecutors minutes before the case was dismissed.

In many cases, speaking with witnesses soon after an event is essential to building a successful defense. Often, a witness is eager to tell his or her side of the story. This can often lead to a good result, as in John’s case. The best criminal defense attorneys – in Houston and everywhere – know that good results and thorough investigations go hand and had. At Scheiner Law Group, we do not rely on the police’s investigation to defend a criminal case – we conduct our own.

If you or a loved one is charged with any criminal offense in Houston or anywhere in Texas, the lawyers at Scheiner Law Group are a top choice.