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Dallas Man Free 14 Years After Unfair Trial

The Houston Chronicle reports that a Dallas Man is free on bond after serving 14 years of a 40 year murder sentence.  Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins discovered police did not disclose evidence that incriminated another suspect.  Unbelievable.  The second most disgusting thing about convicting an innocent person is that the REAL KILLER is still on the loose.

At this point, it is unclear if this Defendant is innocent, but it is crystal clear that he did not have a fair trial or investigation.  This is something one would expect to find in tyrannical, corrupt country, not Dallas, Texas.  The man deserves a fair trial.

It is time for the legislature to criminalize the intentional hiding of exculpatory evidence.  The law already requires the government to inform the accused of evidence suggesting they are innocent.  In the past few years, the State of Texas has spent millions of dollars compensating the wrongfully accused.  There are very few crimes in the Texas Penal Code worse than taking away years from an innocent citizen.

As for Craig Watkins, it is impossible not to admire his commitment to what is right.  Hopefully, he will be an inspiration to prosecutors and an example of how to do that job.