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Facebook Pages Now Publishing DWI Checkpoint Information

Recently, this blog reported that after receiving pressure from several United States Senators, Apple announced that it was amending its App Store rules to prohibit Apps which “facilitate” driving under the influence of alcohol. Apps such as Trapster drew the ire of Senators for publishing real-time information on the location of DWI checkpoints.

Despite this small victory, the battle between law enforcement and technology is starting to look like a game of whac-a-mole: Late last week – and just days after  Apple’s announcement – a television stations in New Orleans (the story is available here), announced that a Facebook page with over 7,000 members in the New Orleans area was publishing user-generated locations of DWI checkpoints. Proponents of the page say it makes members aware of the dangers of driving under the influence, while critics say it puts the public at risk by facilitating drunk driving. In any event, one thing is certain: this technology will proliferate in some form as long as the demand is there.

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