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False Accusations in Sexual Assault Cases

In Texas and elsewhere, criminal defense lawyers understand that sexually-related offenses, like sexual assault or possession of child pornography, carry some of the most severe penalties in the penal system. Additionally, in Texas, these offenses usually require mandatory sex offender registration which can do immeasurable damage to a person’s reputation.  That is why it is important to talk to a criminal defense lawyer right away if you are charged with any sexually related offense.

Criminal defense attorneys know that far too often, people are falsely accused of sexual assault. This can happen for a number of reasons. Sadly, children in the middle of a divorce or a custody dispute have often falsely accused a parent of sexual assault, sometimes at the urging of one parent. A good sexual assault defense attorney understands that uncovering the motive behind the accusation is extremely important to building a good defense.

Although it may sound difficult to believe criminal defense lawyers know that in Texas, there have been cases of accusations of sexual assault made on the basis of false memories. This is a very real psychological phenomenon that has led to accusations of sexual assault against many innocent people. An experienced sexual assault attorney will be able to investigate whether accusations of sexual assault were made on the basis of false memories.

An experienced, compassionate criminal defense attorney will recognize that being charged with sexual assault or any sexually-related offense can be emotionally devastating and lead to severe penalties like sex-offender registration or imprisonment. But sexual assault cases can be successfully defended by experienced attorneys who understand the nature of sexual assault accusations.