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ALR Hearing for a Houston DWI

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Our DWI Lawyers in Houston routinely handle administrative license revocation (ALR) hearings as part of our client’s DWI defense in Houston. We believe that an ALR hearing should be requested whenever possible. Even if you lose your hearing in administrative court, your lawyer may obtain critical documents and information about your DWI arrest through the driver’s license “discovery” process. These documents and information will help in defending your Houston DWI case in criminal court.

ALR Hearing: 15 Day Deadline

Your request for an ALR hearing must be received by the Texas Department of Public Safety no later than 15 days after you receive or are presumed to have received “Notice of Suspension.” In most cases, this is simply the 15th day after you were arrested.

The notice of suspension is a sheet of paper that usually doubles as your “temporary driving permit.” It should be marked, “DIC-25”, in the upper right-hand corner. The fine print at the bottom of your notice explains how to request an ALR hearing.

You or your lawyer may request an ALR hearing by calling 800-394-9913 or 512-424-2600 on weekdays during normal business hours. You may also send your request via fax at 512-424-2650. Be prepared to tell the clerk your name, driver’s license number, date of your arrest, county of your arrest, the police agency that arrested you, plus certain other information that the clerk may require. After you have hired a Houston DWI lawyer, make sure that he or she knows that you have requested an ALR hearing.

Click the image below to view an example DIC-25 Notice of Suspension Temp. Driving Permit Form

Houston DWI Lawyer ALR hearing Form

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