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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Grant M. Scheiner - Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

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Federal crime crosses all economic, education and social barriers. As the internet expands business opportunities, it also expands opportunities for authorities to decide what constitutes a crime, often with no legal precedent. Many people who are charged with federal crimes aren’t even aware that they’ve broken the law. In addition, many people who are under investigation by the federal government don’t understand the seriousness of potential federal charges. It can be a serious mistake to even speak with a federal agent about a criminal matter without an experienced federal criminal lawyer by your side.

Scheiner Law Group, P.C. is a Houston federal criminal defense firm that has effectively represented many people in federal criminal cases throughout the state of Texas. Not all Houston federal criminal Lawyers have the experience in federal court. Our team of Houston federal criminal Lawyers has the experience you need to protect your rights in federal court. It’s your future. Trust it to the federal criminal defense team with a reputation for integrity, grit, and determination throughout the federal criminal justice system.

If you have been charged with a federal criminal offense, contact the federal criminal lawyers of Scheiner Law Group, P.C. Put our passion for your defense to work for you.

Federal Crimes Defense

  • Drug and Narcotics Possession
  • Trafficking and Smuggling
  • Money Laundering – is a serious offense which can ruin a person’s career and reputation.  According to the statute, persons who knowingly participate in concealing, possessing, transferring or transporting the proceeds of criminal activity can be charged with such crime.  An issue here is the widespread reach of agencies seeking to prosecute based on allegations.  A wide net of people can be pursued and potentially charged.  A big question from the legal perspective is the definition of knowingly.   Many jobs are at large companies with many, many people constituting the business process.  How many times is someone just doing their job without understanding the origin of the proceeds?
  • Conspiracy Charges
  • White Collar Crime
  • Embezzlement
  • Tax Fraud
  • 5K1.1, Rule 35 and Federal Sentencing Guidelines Assistance
  • Wire Fraud
  • Mail Fraud
  • Firearms and Weapons Charges
  • Federal Sex Trafficking Crimes
  • Internet Child Pornography
  • Immigration – Visa Fraud
  • Illegal Re-Entry

At Scheiner Law Group, P.C., we represent people and businesses charged with state and federal crimes. Houston criminal lawyer Grant Scheiner is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Texas Super Lawyers (Thomson Reuters publication) magazine has named him a “Texas Super Lawyer” in the categories of Criminal Law, DWI Defense, and Federal White Collar Defense. The National Trial Lawyers Association ( 2007 – present) lists him among the “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” in the state of Texas. H-Texas magazine has named Grant Scheiner one of “Houston’s Top Lawyers” every single year since 2006. Contact the Houston federal criminal lawyers at 713-783-8998 to schedule an office visit. To reach us after-hours and on weekends, please call 713-581-4540.