Houston Police Getting Massages Instead of Responding to Burglary Calls

Houston Police Getting Massages Instead of Responding to Burglary Calls

ABC 13 news reports that a 70 year old woman waited 7 hours for police to respond to her 911 call when her house was burglarized.  Mayor White states  that “we ought to be vigilant in trying to do better.”  The problem is not effort.  The problem is the misguided effort.  We all know that if you have a car accident it will be a good hour before anyone officer shows up.  If only, the police were as fast as tow truck drivers.  Back to the burglary,  Quoting ABC 13,

“I don’t want to say who dropped the ball. I will just say there are some items or processes identified in the dispatch function that we are working jointly with HPD on to improve,” said David Cutler of the HEC Center.

Why not David Cutler.  Why don’t you want to say who dropped the ball?

Every local police agency is wasting a huge amount of resources on prostitution cases.  Police officers play on the internet, call up women who advertise massages and schedule appointments.  The officers go to a location to meet a woman. The officer takes off his clothes and gets a massage.  At some point the officer starts requesting sexual acts for money.  If the woman says no, the officer fires off another request.  If the woman says yes, then she gets arrested.  By some accounts, it takes 4 or 5 officer to do one of these stings.  Furthermore, these cases are clogging up the courts because the officers do nothing to record the conversations or gather evidence.  The cases generally are based solely on the officer’s word.  That is a scary thought.

As a citizen, it is frustrating that my tax dollars are going to guys making a good living by getting massages and doing lack luster police work.  I am all for cleaning up all of the social ills of  happy endings.  We all know how teens are dropping out of school because they are strung out on happy endings and people are burglarizing houses so they can get their next happy ending fix.  Give me a break.

As a Houston criminal defense attorney, this type of practice scares me.  Charging someone of a crime solely based on the recently rubbed-down officers word is a scary proposition.  It resembles the old KGB of the Soviet Union or other less than free places.