How DWI cases are dismissed

How DWI cases are dismissed

Thousands of people are arrested every year in the Houston, Texas area for Driving while Intoxicated.  But only a select few have their cases dismissed.  How do they do it?

One way is by challenging the police officer’s right to detain you. In some instances, if the police officer didn’t see you driving or see you commit a traffic infraction, he may not have had a lawful reason to detain you.  And if your attorney can prove in court that the police had no right to stop you, it might lead to a dismissal of your DWI case.

In other cases, the police officer might not have had probable cause to arrest you. This can happen if the police officer doesn’t give you any field sobriety tests or gives them to you incorrectly.  In order to challenge an arrest, a DWI lawyer should be familiar the guidelines on which field sobriety tests are based.

Proving that field sobriety tests were insufficient or administered incorrectly could also lead to a dismissal of the your DWI, DUI or criminal case.

A good DWI lawyer and criminal defense attorney should be able to spot the legal and factual issues that can get your case dismissed.  After all, that’s the attorney’s job – not yours.

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