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How Your DWI Attorney Will Defend Your Case

After hiring the Scheiner Law Group to defend your DWI case, the firm’s investigation begins. Your DWI attorney will closely examine the details of your case in order to prepare for trial or a possible dismissal of your case. Your DWI attorney will work to anticipate the State’s case against you and analyze whether it will be able to prove every element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt. This includes examining the arresting police officer’s report, the results of any field sobriety tests, chemical evidence of your blood-alcohol level, the State’s witnesses against you, and your criminal record.

In addition to examining the State’s DWI case against you, your Houston DWI attorney will look at the strengths and weaknesses of your own case, including an anticipation of how lay and expert witnesses will testify, the defenses that may available to you, the potential penalties you face, and relevant case laws and statutes.

In order to get a conviction, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each and every element of its case. Additionally, it is also the State’s burden to prove the officer had a right to stop and arrest you.

If you’ve been arrested for a DWI, do not hesitate to contact the criminal defense lawyers at Scheiner Law Group. The DWI attorneys of the Houston, Texas, office of Scheiner Law Group are experienced in defending DWI cases and will help maximize your chances at obtaining the best result in your case.