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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Has the cornerstone phrase of our justice system turned into a meaningless cliche?  Innocent until PROVEN guilty is frequently muttered by prospective jurors during jury selection.  Five seconds later, the same juror is “undecided” on whether the defendant is guilty and the EVIDENCE portion of the trial has not even begun.

Here is another less-known saying, “you can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.”  Simply put, whether you are innocent or not, going through the criminal justice system is going to hurt in many ways.  A defendant has to battle stress, anxiety, judgment by others, and financial strain of bonding out of jail and hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

For example,  ABC 13 reported that a well respected Harris County Judge was indicted for official oppression this past week.  At some point we will learn what the evidence is and how strong of a case the District Attorney  has against the Judge.  Either way, the ride has already begun to take a toll.