Intent to Sell or Distribute Drug Charges in Houston, TX

Intent to Sell or Distribute Drug Charges in Houston, TX

Have you been detained on “intent to sell charges?” You may be wondering how you can be arrested for what you are thinking. Are the penalties for intent to sell charges greater than the penalties for simple possession? These are questions that a criminal defense lawyer in Houston can answer for you.

In an intent to distribute case, prosecutors may try to establish their claim based on an accumulation of circumstantial evidence. For example, if you are caught with drugs that are packaged in plastic baggies, this serves as evidence for intent to sell charges. Having or being in charge of a large number of drugs, more than you can possibly consume yourself is further evidence in favor of intent to sell charges.

Messages from customers in the form of post-it notes, text messages, voice mails, etc., can be construed as evidence of drug-dealing. So can customer lists, money lying around, drug paraphernalia and scales may, taken together, provide evidence in support of intent to sell charges.

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So you can see, prosecutors can be resourceful. But so are the best Houston criminal lawyers. Among other things, top attorneys can challenge the way the police collected the evidence. A criminal defense lawyer in Houston might be able to convince a jury that you were never in possession. Good Houston criminal lawyers might truthfully establish reasonable doubt that you were even aware of the presence of the drugs.

Another reasonable defensive strategy that a defense attorney in Houston TX might employ is to suppress the physical evidence. In other words, he will carefully examine the circumstances under which the police obtained the evidence. He will look into whether the search was legal. If it was not, then the evidence obtained in the search may not be admissible in court.

Not even the best criminal defense lawyer Houston has to offer will be able to help you if you are not honest, if you do not cooperate with his strategy, or if you fail to contact him at all. If you are busted for drugs, you need a good criminal lawyer. Make that a great criminal lawyer!

Have You Been Charged With Intent to Sell Narcotics

The sale of narcotics often falls under the umbrella of drug trafficking (being knowingly in possession, making, buying, selling or delivering a controlled substance). The best Houston criminal defense lawyers will tell you that a drug trafficking charge is often a first-degree felony on the state level. If you are charged with a drug trafficking offense, you need the defensive skills of a Houston narcotics lawyer.

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You don’t need to be involved in the actual sale of narcotics in order to need a Houston narcotics lawyer. For example, in September 2013, a Texas man was sentenced to 97 months in prison for participating in a money-laundering operation involving illicit drug proceeds.

In August 2013, a Laredo man was less fortunate when he was sentenced to 364 months in prison for drug trafficking and money laundering. This illustrates the seriousness of federal and Texas drug penalties and shows the importance of engaging a Houston narcotics lawyer if you are charged with an offense of this nature.

Other strategies that a Houston narcotics charge attorney might employ are to show that you were coerced into committing the offense under threat of severe bodily injury or death. A criminal defense attorney in Houston might be able to establish that you were a minor or minimal participant in any conspiracy involving drugs. A third approach to your criminal defense a Houston lawyer might use would argue that you were not in control of either the substances or paraphernalia when you were arrested.

Do You Need a Houston Narcotics Lawyer?

Drug penalties are serious, even more so if you are involved in multiple or repeat offenses. An experienced Houston narcotics charge attorney may not always be able to get your case dismissed. But that is often the first goal, as well as to explain all of your options, defend you vigorously and try to achieve the best, possible result. If you care about your future, you should immediately contact the best lawyer you can find.