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More proof that breath-test evidence can be unreliable

Many people arrested for alcohol-related driving offenses see breath test evidence as infallible. This is a common misconception. In reality, a breath test over the legal limit can be challenged in several ways. Breath test evidence can be highly unreliable and inexact, and can be successfully attacked by an experienced DWI attorney.

One reason breath test evidence is susceptible to attack is that breath test machines are prone to error. Just this week, the City of Philadelphia announced that improperly calibrated breathalyzer machines – similar to machines used in Texas – gave inaccurate readings in at least 1,147 cases. The mistake was brought to light by an attentive criminal defense attorney, and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has said anyone affected can request a new trial. A similar scandal involving the breathalyzer machines occurred in Washington last year.

Issues like these underscore the importance of hiring an experienced DWI or DUI criminal defense attorney if you are ever charged with an alcohol-related offense. The lawyers at Scheiner Law Group are experienced trial lawyers who understand the subtleties behind the science of breath testing.