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Testifying at a DUI or DWI trial

Deciding whether or not to testify at your DWI or DUI trial is an important decision that you should make only after consulting with your Houston DWI or DUI lawyer about the pros and cons of testifying. Many people who have been arrested for drunk driving want to take the stand. Sometimes this is a good idea, but if a defendant testifies poorly, it could be damaging.

If you are going to testify at your trial, it is important that you go in knowing what to expect. A good Houston DWI or DUI attorney won’t coach you about what to say, but will give you advance notice of the questions you are likely to be asked by him and by the prosecutor.

Your Houston DWI or DUI attorney will ask you about many other subjects, including where you were, how much you had been drinking, how and why you were pulled over, what field sobriety tests were conducted, etc. You can discuss these subjects with your lawyer.

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