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There’s an app for that?

Last week, four United States Senators – Tom Udall of New Mexico, Charles Schumer of New York, Harry Reid of Nevada and Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey – signed a letter addressed to Apple and Research in Motion, which manufactures Blackberry, “asking” that they suspend apps that provide locations of DWI checkpoints.

The Senators contend that these apps, which include “Buzzed” for Apple products and “Checkpoint Wingman” for Blackberry (which appears to no longer be available from Blackberry’s app store), put “innocent families and children at risk” by helping drunk drivers circumvent police checkpoints. The manufacturers, meanwhile, argue that the apps deter drunk drivers by reminding them of the danger of getting behind the wheel drunk. Whoever is right, one thing is certain: the publicity generated by the Senators’ letter has led to a surge in downloads of these apps, although their long-term future is unclear.