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What an officer needs before pulling you over in a DUI or DWI case

As most people know, police officers need some justification before making a traffic stop. In legal terms, they need reasonable suspicion that a traffic offense or criminal offense has been committed. There are many definitions for reasonable suspicion, but it is definitely more than a hunch, and the officer needs to be able to point to factors that would make it likely that some offense has been committed.

If you are stopped in Houston for DUI, DWI or any criminal offense, one of the first things your criminal defense attorney will do is investigate the reason for the traffic stop. Many officers will claim that a DUI or DWI suspect was committing a violating like weaving in a lane, but that may not be enough. Under Texas law, in most cases, an officer has to show that a DUI or DWI suspect actually presented a danger before stopping him. In other words, weaving on its own may not be enough for a traffic stop, and your criminal defense lawyer will investigate whether such a danger actually existed.

A good Houston, Texas DUI, DWI and criminal defense attorney will question the basis for the traffic stop, and seek to prove, if possible, that the police had no justification for the traffic stop. If your criminal defense lawyer proves this in court, it could lead to the dismissal of your case.

If you are charged with DUI, DWI or any criminal offense, the lawyers of the Houston office Scheiner Law Group are an excellent choice and will help defend your rights, including investigating whether officers were justified in stopping you. The attorneys at Scheiner Law Group are available 24/7 and can defend you in any criminal case in Houston, Texas, or surrounding counties.