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What are my odds of beating my Texas DUI or DWI case?

Many people charged with DWI or DUI in Texas are understandably very anxious about their pending case. It is not surprising that a person charged with a Texas DUI or DWI will want to ask his or her lawyer how likely it is that the case will be dismissed, or resolved favorably.

Unfortunately, at least at an initial consultation, a criminal defense attorney can usually not answer that. This is because the lawyer will not have all of the evidence needed to evaluate the DWI or DWI case. Before offering an opinion as to what the likely result of a case is, a criminal defense lawyer will want to inspect the police report, view any videos related to the case, and obtain the results of any chemical test. Additionally, if there is a chemical test, an experienced DWI or DUI criminal defense attorney will also want to make sure the chemical test is reliable by examining the underlying data. In Harris County and most Texas counties, it can take several weeks before all of this is accomplished.

We commonly tell our clients that a DWI or DUI case can be handled quickly, or it can be handled right. Conducting a thorough investigation takes time and patience, but the effort pays dividends. If a Texas DWI or DUI case is handled properly, that can ensure the best possible outcome.  If you or someone you know is charged with DUI, DWI or any criminal offense in Houston, Texas or anywhere in the State, the attorneys at Scheiner Law Group are an excellent choice.