What are my options if my criminal case is not dismissed?

What are my options if my criminal case is not dismissed?

If you are charged with a criminal offense in Houston, Texas or anywhere, you may wonder if your case will end up in a trial. Most criminal cases, including DUI, DWI and assault cases, end in one of three ways: trial, plea, or dismissal. If your criminal case is not dismissed, your criminal defense lawyer will help you decide whether trial or plea will be in your best interest.

In most cases, your criminal defense attorney will need to closely examine the evidence in your case and conduct his or her own investigation before recommending any course of action. This includes examining all police reports, photos, videos, statements, and scientific evidence. Once your criminal defense lawyer does this, he or she will be able to estimate the likely outcome of a trial.

A dismissal, of course, is preferable and is our goal for all of our clients. We presume our clients are innocent, and therefore, also start with the assumption that their cases should be dismissed. But unfortunately, in some cases, that is not possible, and prosecutors will make you choose between trial or plea.

Because of the unique nature of each criminal case, criminal defense attorneys know that it is difficult to draw generalizations. However, trial is preferable to pleading in many cases. This is because in many cases, like DUI or DWI cases, for example, the State’s offer to settle a case by plea agreement is often not much worse than what someone could expect to receive if they went to trial and lost. For example, in Houston, the Harris County Attorney’s Office typically offers first-time DWI offenders something like 1 year probation. Assuming the defendant has no record, he would probably end up with something similar at trial if he lost.

Of course, if the stakes are higher, it may not be so simple. An experienced criminal defense attorney should be able to help you decide the best course of action once he or she has had a chance to conduct a thorough investigation. If you are charged with any criminal offense, the attorneys of the Scheiner Law Group are an excellent choice and can help guide you through accusations of any criminal charges, including DUI, DWI, assault, or sexually-related crimes.