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Why You Should be Wary of Facebook and MySpace When Charged With a Criminal Offense

When facing any criminal charge – whether it be DWI, drug possession, or sexual assault – in Texas or anywhere, it is important to act cautiously to minimize your criminal liability and to protect your chances of successfully defending your criminal case.

Over the last few years, law enforcement and prosecutors have realized that social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace can be a treasure trove of incriminating photographs and statements from people charged with criminal offenses. In a DWI or DUI case, for example, criminal defense attorneys know that it is common for prosecutors and law enforcement officials to attempt to find pictures of a suspect binge drinking, bragging about his alcohol consumption, or making statements about his pending case.

If you are charged with DWI, DUI, sexual assault, drug possession, or any criminal offense in Houston, or anywhere, your attorney will strongly advise you to take any incriminating material down immediately. All too often, criminal defense lawyers have seen information from social networking sites make its way into the courtroom.